Monday, February 3, 2014

Caring Leadership is about Team and Truth

I found the best leaders have love for their teams; who actually care deeply about the well being of those they lead.
I always hold out hope that even these sorts of ‘tough’ people [e.g., Steve Jobs] will respond to a caring call, rather than an angry glare.
There’s a proverb that says, “Better are the wounds of a friend, than many kisses of an enemy.” The truth hurts but lies can caress us into injury.
Reference: Results and Relationships: Leadership for Life.

I wrote the following, in response to Zachary Jeans' post on Google+:

We may not know exactly how Steve Jobs led and pushed his people, but it took two decades (at least) for him to hit his stride. Perhaps he found that right balance of driving hard and taking care and perhaps he knew how to adjust that balance for particular people who worked for him. Regardless, Apple produced a remarkable string of innovation and legions of fans across the world, in the final decade of his life. I imagine he got that proverb right, that you wrote about, Zachary! 

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