Monday, April 28, 2014

Kat Cole: From Hooters Girl to Cinnabon President

How Kat Cole Made It

When I posted this article on Google+ I prefaced it with:  The real story here is Kat Cole, President of Cinnabon, not those cinnabons per se; and it's an awesome one. 
In business circles, Cole’s origin story is becoming as well known as her rolls: She got her start as a teen waitress at a Florida Hooters, taking on increased responsibility until she was managing the location. At 19, the chain tapped her to open a restaurant in Australia — until then she had never left the country — and her days of working to pay for her engineering degree at North Florida were soon over. She was now working to work.
Cole was, and no doubt still is, a scrapper, even as a young woman, working at a joint - Hooters - that openly flaunted sexy women in both name and attire.  Her manager must've seen not just her go-getter attitude, but also her leadership potential.

I remember having read about her a year or two ago, and annotating the article in one of my journals.  She is intelligent and beautiful rolled up into one not-so-common combination.  Here are more about her:  How Kat Cole Went from Hooters Girl to President of Cinnabon by Age 32 and From Hooters To Hot Buns: How Kat Cole Turned Cinnabon Into A $1 Billion Brand.

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