Monday, November 24, 2014

Google Leads on Technology Innovation

Gmail has been my personal e-mail platform for years, and Google has become the verb for search.  I am active on Google+ and YouTube, and my Samsung Galaxy Note operates on Android.  Google Maps helps me navigate my surroundings, while Blogger helps me navigate the interiors of my ideas, projects and aspirations.  Google News is the default page for my browser, which used to be Chrome, by the way, except it was fighting with Windows 8, apparently, so I switched to Firefox.  It must be clear by now that I am a Google GuyThis short clip on Larry Page tells in a nutshell why I think Google leads the way for technology innovation.  Page & Co. have long solved The Innovator's Dilemma by (a) having a highly successful business model, centered on search; (b) creating a structure and schedule where staff can roam and pursue ideas; and (c) deploying the closely guarded Google X where more diverse, radical innovations are being hatched.

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