Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Apple in Own Market Stratosphere

Apple, already the world’s largest company by market capitalization, hit a new record value: $700 billion.
Apple has doubled in value, since August 2011 when Tim Cook took over the top role.  For me, the crucial factor is what Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White said at the outset of this Bloomberg interview: That Cook is more innovative than the market gives him credit for.  I was one of those who didn't think he was that innovative, and frankly I am still not convinced he is all that innovative.  However, I am coming to appreciate what is evidently his top leadership prowess.  Apple is producing stellar results since Steve Jobs died in October 2011.  With the iPhone leading sales, iPad growing in sales (despite an apparently declining tablet market), and AppleWatch poised to tap huge market potential, those stellar results may continue for a long while yet.

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