Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Saadia Zahidi (2) Ongoing Barriers for Women

McDonald's in Pakistan deliberately set a policy to bring in educated women from lower income families.  The notion of their working is perhaps at best a foreign concept and at worst a target of resistance.  But because these young women have a safe workplace, get transportation between work and home, and (not to mention) earn an income, their families are evidently coming to accept their new normal.

Hooray to McDonald's for overcoming a barrier for women!
All of this underlines the conscious, often deeply personal and brave decision of millions of ordinary Muslim women and men to break family tradition and sometimes shun cultural pressures. As a result, a new segment of the labor market has emerged—and unprecedented consumer power.
Saadia Zahidi is... head of the Gender Parity Programme and head of Employment, Skills and Human Capital. In November 2014, the proposal for her book, Womenomics in the Muslim World, won the inaugural FT/McKinsey Bracken Bower Prize for business writers under age 35.
Reference: Women in the Muslim world taking the fast track to change.

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