Friday, October 3, 2014

Women Entrepreneurs: Have vs Not Have Children

NOI Solutions founder Saima Chowdhury got pregnant the same month she started her company. Here are productivity tips she learned along the way.
Whether or not she has a partner who's available and willing, women often face the daunting balance of work and family.   For Chowdhury it was about creating a To Do list of priorities and segmented her day into manageable chunks.  When she was with her son, it was quality time with her son.

The Orchid Boutique owner and co-founder speaks out about her decision to lean in at work.
Lean In is a reference to the book by Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg.  From what I understand, Sandberg advances the notion that women can take higher leadership roles and balance whatever they need to balance.  In any event, Myra Jimenez adopts what must've been a broader principle of the book, that is, to make choices forthrightly and own up to them, without, as Jimenez points out, caving in to what society or culture may demand.  Her choice was not to have children.  

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