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Engaging Staff, Driving Results

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Engagement is quite the rave among organizations, and top leaders push initiatives to raise levels of it among their staff.  Yet, what does it really mean, for what purpose is it useful, and how well do such initiatives work?  I encourage top leaders to review their business critically, first, and get a crystal-clear line of sight on what they need to accomplish most and on where obstacles or shortcomings hinder them.

Second, it's a walk-backwards process from their aim (where they want to be), to the current state of their business, organization and people (where they are now).  Most likely, engagement will figure prominently in bridging the future and the present, because it has such a wide-sweeping importance for the organization.  Nevertheless, this walk-backwards process will confirm it, and shed light on the nature and extent of it and on its particular value vis-a-vis that aim.     

Finally, how top leaders implement engagement efforts matters a great deal, certainly.  I have found diverse but converging research from Gallup, McKinsey and James Collins that a relationship-oriented leadership has direct benefits on business results, such as revenue growth and shareholder value.  To realize their aim, therefore, requires them to account inviolably for people in their efforts to implement.

A high-impact workshop for top leaders

This three-day workshop is geared for top leaders, who have the distinct challenge of not just driving engagement efforts directly, but also getting their managers and staff to drive these in their own right as well.  The three-step process, described above, is my practical applications model - The Core Algorithm - for hitting tough targets, meeting challenges, and solving problems.  With this model as an organizing structure, this workshop promises to be very informative, enjoyable and practical.  Its main deliverable will be a comprehensive action plan for engaging staff and driving results.

What you expect
  • Gain a clearer line of sight on aims, challenges or issues affecting the business
  • Grasp firmly what staff engagement is and how it helps with these aims
  • Engage staff effectively and drive results successfully   

What we deliver
  • Lessons on The Core Algorithm and the Gallup Q12 model of engagement
  • Paradigm for raising individual motivation, in relation to team and organizational priorities
  • Walk-through of established and organization-specific measures of engagement
  • Practical strategy, useful road map, and implement-ready action plan        

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Ron Villejo, PhD
Managing Director
Ron Villejo Consulting

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