Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thinking Strategically, Executing Effectively

Which is more important:  strategy or execution?  Put differently:  Is it better to create a good strategy, but execute it badly; or come up with a bad strategy, but execute it really well? 

This makes for a thought-provoking discussion, and perhaps leaders come up with useful insights in the process.  In the challenging reality of business, however, this question is artificial and nonsense.  Of course, both are important, and probably in equal measures.  But how leaders arrive at strategy, how they translate it into an actionable plan, and how they get done what they set out to get done are the crux of the matter.

A high-impact workshop for top leaders

This two-day high-impact workshop for top leaders focuses on, and operates at, the crux of the matter.  From the leadership programs I've conducted, there is some confusion about what strategy is.  So we clarify this with a definition, not in the abstract or academic sense, but in the concrete framework of the leaders' organization.  To bridge strategy to execution, then, we draw on the model of Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, i.e., strategy, people and operations.  Our leaders consequently leave the workshop with greater knowledge and confidence and with an effective game plan to take action on, once back in the organization.

What you expect
  • Clarify strategy vis-a-vis execution, and appreciate the practical importance of both
  • Grasp the Bossidy and Charan model, in relation to the priorities, structure and challenges of your organization
  • Build greater skills at thinking strategically and executing effectively
  • Arrive at a strategy-directed, execution-focused game plan on organizational aims

What we deliver
  • A useful model for grasping strategy, in relation to vision, mission and values, focusing on circles of responsibility
  • Practical learning and hands-on application of an execution model, focusing on strategy, people and operations
  • Purpose-driven development of skills in thinking strategically and executing effectively, while working through their leadership team and frontline staff
  • Business-relevant game plan on organizational aims, with support and guidance on delivering it in the organization, well after the workshop

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Ron Villejo, PhD
Managing Director
Ron Villejo Consulting

Value, delivered.

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