Saturday, October 5, 2013

Characteristics of Three Major Generations

The very different work traits of hoodies, old fogies, and everyone in between.
You may be a senior manager, a marketing director, or a staff professional.  In the spirit of seeking first to understand, before being understood - thanks to Stephen Covey, and his seven habits of highly effective people - I suggest watching this highly engaging, informative video from The Economist.

Keep in mind that these are aggregated findings, so you are bound to possess some characteristics that do not fit the profile for your generation.  The drawback of any empirical study is loss of granular insight into individual differences.  Nevertheless, these broad strokes of understanding give us a frame of reference for communicating, interacting, and collaborating effectively with people across generations.  This very process of communicating, interacting and collaborating, then, allows us to get at those unique traits in each other and thereby forge meaningful relationships.

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