Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Union Pacific Delivers Smart Results

Union Pacific is well-positioned to compete with freight transportation that draws on the highway system, because it has access to an infrastructure network (i.e., rail) that it invests in regularly to upkeep.  So there are no paralyzing squabbles about finances or politics.  

It manages its operations effectively and efficiently, by interfacing old electronics and protocol with the internet and engaging engineers on staff to design such interface.  That set, they install sensors - for example, Automatic ID Reader - that monitors the movement of trains and coordinates what must be quite a complex schedule.

Sensors also monitor the wheels, analyze their condition, and prompt their replacement at the right time.  So technology overcomes human limits and error concerning safety.  The machinery that replaces worn or defective used to take 11 days to do so.  Now it's 15 minutes.  We can discern the impact on freight delivery and customer satisfaction, when downtown time is so radically reduced.

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