Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Success Rules from Billionaire Chris Burch

I often eschew tips from others that are so personalized and specific, that you're bound to have difficulty, even failure, if you apply them in your situation.  Either people have to fashion tips from a broader perspective and-or you have to distill their essence and adapt them accordingly to your purpose.  

So what I really like about these rules from Chris Burch, billionaire investor and fashion entrepreneur, is that they actually speak from a broader perspective and already distill the essence of how we can be successful, that is, not just in the retail space of C. Wonder but also in other business endeavors.  In the language of my Theory of Algorithms and The Core Algorithm, Burch has extracted algorithms for success.

The following are screenshots of rules from the Bloomberg interview above:

Step outside yourself, discern what and how others think

Women make buying decisions, so recognize them and praise them

Always think about what you see, learn about things, do things better

"Deep intuition, quick intuition, every decision"

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