Monday, November 18, 2013

Entrepreneurs Sound Off on Trends They Dislike

Fresh off my article Steve Blank Rethinks Entrepreneurship, I stumble on this delightful, thoughtful set of clips: Entrepreneurs themselves sound off on 2013 trends they'd like to see disappear:
  • There is something to Vine, and maybe Twitter, too, that worsens our attention deficit disorder and perhaps diminishes our critical thinking as well.
  • I am all for more meaningful fare from popular media, but as despicable as Miley Cyrus' twerking may be to many people, I am coming to see her act as a wellspring for philosophical and cultural musings.
  • Halting education cuts seems to be de rigueur.  Not only must education be held sacred in our society, but it also needs to ramped up, redone, and rebooted.

Individual entrepreneurs may have little going to them, as far as moving the needle on trends and issues is concerned.  But as a collective, they may, and some do, move mountains.

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