Monday, May 5, 2014

Self Reflect Well Before You Start Your Week

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The title is catchy and pertinent enough for many of us - 15 Things Successful People Do on Monday Mornings.  So we run through it, in however way we run through articles like this.  It's meant to be run through, that is, quickly, as the points are in bold and their discussion a model of brevity.  

But its flaw is apparent from the get-go.  If your pattern, or inclination, is to get up at a certain time, and to work out at a certain time, and neither is early in the morning, then you are not likely to wake up earlier for exercise.  

The flaw is that an article like this neglects to ask how your Monday mornings go to begin with; what if any problems or aims you weigh at the beginning of the week; and what works best for your purpose, personality or circumstance.  Moreover, in the Middle East, the work week begins on Sunday, so it misses possible cultural and regional factors.

Beginning with these questions via a self-reflection, for instance, perhaps over the weekend, helps to ensure that you can have the best possible start to your week and in the long run carve out the best possible success vis-a-vis your purpose.

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