Friday, May 2, 2014

The Need for Speed, the Need for Context

Retail is built on customer service, but even top retailers sometimes have to pick their battles. Here's how these top 10 retailers perform in answering phones, resolving email inquiries, delivering packages and processing refunds.
I reminded others, when I posted this, that customers may value speed above all, but brand, convenience and cost are no doubt part of the purchasing choices.

I detest simplistic points of view on matters that defy simplicity.  I don't begrudge creators or editors for producing simplistic content, because that may be all that we as viewers or consumers can handle intellectually.

That said, this trailer for the new flick `Need for Speed dominated ESPN advertising for several weeks, it seemed.  So perhaps Forbes had an ulterior motive of letting a piece of content, that is, the above video, resonate with a popular film and thereby maximize its own viewership.  

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