Friday, July 11, 2014

Our Mind, Our World

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The title is what many now call headline pornWould You Rather Be Alone With Your Thoughts Or Get Shocked?  It's a ploy to capture readers to otherwise sound but conventional content.  That said, there is a curious point in it:  While it's no surprise at all that people, young and old, have difficulty sitting quietly with their thoughts, maybe we have fashioned our surroundings and gadgetry merely to reflect the outward, engaged nature of our mind.  Writer David DiSalvo suggests we do a little experiment to see how long we can sit still and quietly, until it becomes uncomfortable.  I suggest, too, that we reflect on how true that notion is of our world as a derivative of our mind.  What insights do we gain about ourselves and that world, and, given the nature of our mind, how well do the things we do work out for us?  

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