Monday, July 29, 2013

GE CMO Mentors The Muse

An awesome opportunity for an entrepreneur to get mentoring from a GE senior manager!

Kathryn Minshew (below left) is the CEO and co-founder of two-year old The Muse, and Beth Comstock (below right) is the Chief Marketing Officer at General Electric.

GE's Marketing Magnate Mentors The Muse

It's a packed 7-minute clip for Wall Street Journal, and it's mostly Q&A. But Comstock covers key points:
  1. Where does The Muse want to be at five years, now that it's two years old?
  2. How does the leadership team manage a large community of job seekers and their bread-and-butter customers who pay to access that community?
  3. What are The Muse's needs in order to scale: money or leadership, and toggling between the two?
Depending on where you stand, what would you ask Comstock?  How would you mentor Minshew?

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