Saturday, July 20, 2013

Social Media Leadership of Richard Branson

On LinkedIn, Steve Tappin posted a telling article:  First Ranking Of Top 30 CEOs On Social Media.  Top on the list is no surprise, as I see good activity from Sir Richard and eye-catching, timely posts on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I commented, These CEOs are the avant-garde of a new business order, and social media is just one front of this order.

In a related vein, I wrote at length on The Leadership Imperative of Social Media for senior executives and managers.

World of CEOs Dossiers
On leadership and philosophy:
If I could quickly understand a campaign concept, it was good to go. If something can't be explained off the back of an envelope, it's rubbish.
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On philanthropy:
Business leaders often get wrapped in their own world, so charity work keeps things in perspective.
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On delegation:
The company must be set up so that it can continue without me. 

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