Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Driving Value with Big Data

I've been thinking a lot about Big Data, and weighing my position on this, and I plan to write quite a lot about this.  Suffice it to say, for now:  (a) Big Data will, in time, be a must-do for companies, in order to compete (or else they fall behind) - as suggested in this video.  (b) Yet, Big Data, as big as it truly is, is an incomplete paradigm for what companies need to raise their game. Those who are keen on it, but focus too narrowly on it, are likely to encounter problems, if not failure.

Hear Frank Pörschmann, Member of the Board - CTO and Head of CeBITat Deutsche Messe, AG, talk about the three managerial prerequisites a company must fulfill to drive the most value out of big data.
  1. Understand the value of your data for your future business
  2. Recognize that your data provides answers to yet unasked questions and unknown needs
  3. Find the right "layers" in your organization to discuss big data and analytics

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