Monday, September 30, 2013

Campbell CEO Denise Morrison on Career and Power

Denise Morrison said early on in life that she wanted to become a CEO: That, she did, in August 2011, for Campbell Soup. She encourages women to declare their aspiration, and be strategic about themselves and their career. They need mentors, sponsors and relationships to realize their aspiration.

Denise Morrison
Interestingly, Denise Morrison calls it work-life "integration," instead of work-life balance, when asked about her toughest sacrifice in managing her career. She defined it as being able to set priorities in the moment, as life happens. So, rather than having rules set-in-stone, she prefers to handle some situations as they come.

Denise Morrison
Denise Morrison is among Fortune's and Forbes' most powerful women. She defines leadership as service, and finds power in giving. There's power involved in getting people excited about what they're doing and unleashing their potential. That's the biggest contribution a CEO can make.

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