Friday, September 6, 2013

Peter Diamandis Emphasizes Passion and Results

Peter Diamandis emphasizes getting it done and accomplishing something.  Passion is crucial, but so are savvy and ability to implement ideas.  In a related vein, Accenture had a tagline years ago that resonated well for me as a management consultant:  It's not how many ideas you come up with.  It's how many ideas you make happen.  

In a way, deep passion is a precursor to doing something meaningful or impactful.  Do the one thing you would do, Diamandis advises, whether or not you were paid.  I'd add, passion isn't something we talk about or convince others that we have.  Rather, it's the interest, and push, and stick-to-it effort, when the going is rough.

Diamandis elaborates on passion, specifically on entrepreneurs "who are passionate beyond belief."  From his perspective, a business can be carved, backers can be engaged, and funding can be secured.  But without that precursor, very little else can happen.

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