Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fashion Icon Tory Burch Mentors The Muse

Fashion icon and WSJ Startup of the Year mentor Tory Burch advises Kathryn Minshew and Alex Cavoulacos, co-founders of career platform startup The Muse, on everything from company culture to branding.
Mentoring ought to be a conversation, but it has to begin somewhere.  Tory Burch does it right, as she mentors The Muse co-founders.  While the entrepreneurs are spirited, even a bit tense, Burch is a picture of calm and centeredness.  She asks questions, and listens intently:
  • Where do you want to be five years from now?
  • Are you constantly updating the information of company you represent?
  • Do you focus on your own company, that is, your culture and people?

Tory Burch
Perhaps it is the very zen that Burch is, which prompts Cavoulacos to ask her, in turn, about how her company came to be such a well-known, awesome brand.

This process of becoming has both organic and thoughtful elements:  that is, things that Burch had to think through and plan for, and things that simply happened along the way.  Her point about authenticity is a crucial one.  Customers are savvy and they have options.  So if they catch wind of any disingenuous branding, they're out.  Burch emphasize hiring a great team, whom she works at making happy and doing great work.  Not everyone fits their company, but who do are undoubtedly treated to an awesome culture.

So to reiterate, the foundation of good mentoring is a conversation.

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